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EDIT - I see Coze has posted, thank you I will try the CF route via the real Amiga first? I think that is what you are suggesting. I wondered whether you could do it within WinUAE first. But doing it with the Amiga makes sense.


Thank you once again, I am confused by this

This does not mention the prep part.

So should I follow this route?

Method 1

WinUAE has the option of mounting and preparing a real hard drive for use on an Amiga! This option is only available in Win2k-XP. Win9x-ME unfortunately won't allow this feature.

Once mounted and formatted, the contents of the HDF can simply be copied directly over to the hard drive. Then it can be placed back into the Amiga ready for use.

The WinUAE device name to use with HDtoolbox or similar utility is "uaehf.device". If you've already partitioned the drive Amiga side, it should be visible in the hard drives tab after using "Add Harddrive".

Read the WinUAE documentation for further details, or refer to the internet.
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