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full speed comparing to what ? Wich software and computer emulation are you trying to simulate ?

As I said, I'm not trying to run a a500 (or even a 1200 with fast ram) for games (I've got a real a1200+CF for that), but a high end classic amiga (060, rtg graphics card, max ram and max freq).

A good benchmark is a 060 demo like Black Lotus Starstruck for example. It heavily use 3d, 2d (scrollings), and even voxel. It's a really good benchmark, since you can easily find real 060 videos of it on the internet to compare.

The only emulator giving me good speed, good scrolling without vsync problems, and good sound is winUAE with jit enabled.

E-uae is not that bad, but not good concerning fullscreen aga resolutions scaling , especially on LCD screens. 060 demos stills a little choppy, but the workbench is very responsive even in big resolutions.

On FS-uae, scaling and full screen are great, sound also, but the speed is not here. For example, Starstruck takes ages to load...and the workbench is really slow (rtg mode, 040/40 config, full of ram config).
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