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I think I know what is happening, fixing the different behavior soon

All buttons on Fire 2 AFAIK happens in all CD32 games, but maybe there is some way to avoid it, I will think about it.

Originally Posted by Lemming880 View Post
/\ Confirmed. CD32 Red Pressed acts as Keep. And CD32 Red Released doesn't work at all. It also seems that Green, Yellow, Red and Blue are all on the same button (Fire2)?

Anyway, thanks for fixing Camera follow. I also found some issues:

-All objects in my project that had icon number -1, have now changed to 255. It doesn't seem to affect the game but if I would want to change the icon it would take a lot of mouse clicks.

-In my game, the "Next" button is now behind the scoreboard and not visible. Has something changed in the layer order?
-The red object changes in to blue in level 2 or after restarting level 1 from scoreboard.

I haven't been able to fix the last two issues yet.
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