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Originally Posted by Zener View Post
New release, please make a backup of your projects before upgrading

-CD32 red button now activates fire1 button.
Doesn't work. Same behavior

Example :
Map collisions: Actived
Physics: Actived
CD32 RED Pressed Player 1 | Set Speed Y -8

When i press CD32 RED button, Player 1 continues to climb.
Normaly, Player 1 should go down once arrived at -8 because physics actived.
if physics no actived, Player 1 should go stay once arrived at -8.

All Buttons CD32 react like Keep action button :
When i Keep CD32 RED button, Player 1 continues to climb.

Conclusion: Buttons CD32 do not respond to actions PRESS / KEEP / REALESED / NOT PRESS correctly.
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