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It sounds like there is something very wrong with your set up

I can't think of any reason that the requesters wouldn't come up, I'm actually surprised it runs at all?

I don't think you're running the latest release (which doesn't look like it supports requesters), you should be using ->

Are you sure your AHI is installed properly? Do you get any error messages when you open the AHI Prefs?

If installing the latest version and checking your AHI install doesn't help, the only other thing I can suggest is to use WinUAE and try and identify what part of your WB set up is causing the issue on your real hardware.

Performance with an ACA @ 40Mhz should be fine for Monkley Island 1/2 and DOTT as long as you don't enable MIDI music emulation (fast 040 required for MIDI emulation!). You shouldn't be using the PC speaker, just go with the defaults from the install which are set to the lowest possible (best performance).

PHP Code:
Performance Considerations:

1You should always patch exec.library's CopyMem() and CopyMemQuick() routines
for faster processor specific versions.
 2) Try reducing the audio playback frequency down to 8k if you'
re still having
performance issues
3) If you are using Paulastick with the 'FAST' 8 bit modes for AHI (prefs) -
a real 16 bit card will be faster with a 16 bit mode.
4This interpreter hits the hard drive so you'll need a fast transfer rate for
the newer games.
 5) Loading your ROM into FASTRAM is a great idea ;)
 6) Use v4.18 of AHI as the later versions are too slow! 
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