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Originally Posted by mihcael View Post
THB signature seems somehow relevant??

Surely?? it will be freely distrubutable once people get it off the coverdisks? (coverdisk... isnt that one of those things you have to extract out to 3 floppies usings DMS that was all the rage back ion the 90's)
Well I thought the author wanted the CD structure preserved (The CD you can buy, of PFS3).

In any event, the emails to Gulliver said he "Intends to release the binary to Aminet first", Then Gulliver says "AndreasM emailed me for the Author's Email address, So I gave it", and lastly "The Author emailed me back, its going to appear on AF coverdisk"

Gulliver you PLONKER !!!!!!!!!!!, You could have waited till Pelt released the binary to Aminet, now we have to wait for someone to BUY the magazine and sneak it out to the rest of us. (Unless it is a SIMULTANEOUS Aminet/AF release), I wonder if PELT even knows that AF is a COMMERCIAL enterprise, Also makes you wonder if AndreasM falsely told him it was a FREE magazine to get the OK (Going by his history). Infact, its AU$20 an issue, or (Around AU$100 for a year sub for me)
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