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Originally Posted by earok View Post
Idea stolen from Mr Amiten, here's a portfolio of sorts of various Amiga projects I've been involved in.


Design and art by John Tsakiris, with code by myself. It's a smooth, frantic top down shooter that's set apart from the rest of the genre by it's extensive customisation and powerup system. Heavily uses AGA features such as wide sprites and 8 bitplanes.

Preorders are being taken here
Wait, was that already known or is this a stealth preorder announcement?!
Woah, I'm definitely going to browse that link as soon as I'm done posting this!

... aaaand preordered!
Also seen this on the very same site, sounds an intriguing game, too:
16.05.2017: Lumberjack Reloaded game for Amiga CDTV and CD32
The upcoming Lumberjack Reloaded game will release on a bootable CD that can be run on Amiga CDTV and CD32. Stay tuned!

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