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Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim View Post
using scanlines should ideally be combined with using a fixed zoom level / viewport in FS-UAE which ensures correct scaling.

Having 1920x1080 as native LCD resolution is especially practical. 1080 divided by two is 540, which is a nice vertical resolution for Amiga, because this allows for a 640x512 picture (PAL) with some overscan, scaled exactly 2x in height. A good choice for FS-UAE viewport is 672x540, which is becomes 1344x1080 when scaled 2x. When centered on the 1920x1080 display, this leaves 286 pixels on either side (unless the image is streched horizontally). Alternatively, to show some more overscan, 704x540 (1408x1080) is also a nice size, or even 720x540 (1440x1080).
Hi Frode, having a MacBook Pro with a 1440x900 resolution, what fixed zoom level and viewport would you recommend?

Right now i'm only using the following:

fullscreen = 1
zoom = full
keep_aspect = 1
shader = crt
low_resolution = 1
line_doubling = 0

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