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Originally Posted by nexusle View Post
So is there a ability to implement, that themes can have the size of the native resolution?
Hi, themes are always stretched to the native resolution. So if you create an overlay of 1680x1050, and use this on a 1680x1050 monitor, the image will be displayed 1:1 without scaling. But it is true that the other custom overlays (LEDs) are scaled as if the display is 1920x1080. You can specify their position to suit the 1680x1050 theme by converting the coordinates, but there's no way to override the size.

I'll do something about it, perhaps a theme option to tell FS-UAE what size the theme is designed for.

Originally Posted by nexusle View Post
Sidenote: The real Amiga Power LED have 3 states. OFF, ON and HALF. Is there a ability to show this in FS-UAE? Some source code for this?
I'll have a look at it. Any suggestions for software/games which affects the power led (audio filter) for testing?
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