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YouTube Copyright Claims on Amiga PD Demo Video

I've uploaded a video to YouTube today as part of my channel and it's been flagged up as being partially blocked due to a copyright claim by 'Crowley Media'. I did think I should have no issues at all as the video is a few PD demo highlights, although it seems to be the Hardwired demo that has caused the copyright flag.

I'm pretty new to the YouTube game and just wondered if this is a blip perhaps and if I dispute it, it will be easy enough to resolve given the content is pretty much public domain by nature(!) or are there people/organisations who somehow lay claim legitimately to some old content such as PD Demos?

Here's my video - [ Show youtube player ] - It's apparently blocked in the following countries:-

Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Canada, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Guyana, Mexico, United States, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, French Guiana, Argentina

A curious selection!

Should I just let it go, I don't want to dispute it and start racking up copyright strikes, but just feels slightly unfair on this occasion!
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