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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
No, the other way around. Windows with a capital W is copyright of Microsoft.
That's what I thought too. Changed back to lowercase w now, hahaha.

Originally Posted by emufan View Post
so all lowercase, then you should be fine, I hope - they dont mention a planet, so it means throughout the universe - lawyers ....
Yeah, lawyers... I'm trying to have this all as legal as possible, but I have to admit, I am a little worried in that regard. That's one of the reasons it's still rather bare-bones, as I'm attempting to write out as much of it as I can in my own words, although a few of the placeholder texts are yet to be replaced with my own words at the moment.

Originally Posted by frank_b View Post
That demonstrates quite nicely how Commodore fscked up the title font spacing on every OS > 1.3

Look at the pixel gaps at the top and bottom from 1.3 and compare.
1.3 looks a lot nicer with equal spacing. I don't know what Commodore were smoking when they designed 2.x - 3.x. It looks very unprofessional
Do you mean in the window titlebars?

Originally Posted by emufan View Post
I once read, Apple hired real designer for creating the GUI of their macintosh machines,
not just creative coder/engineers - I think commodore should have done that too
I agree, but I think the issue there may have been a cash flow problem, my understanding is that from 1985 to 1987 they were really struggling financially, things improved in 1988, then went back to bad until the end. Of course, if Irving Gould and Mehdi Ali hadn't have been paying themselves the sort of money they were, and if Irving Gould hadn't interfered like he did, well... All things considered, I personally think the people that worked on the Amiga did a great job, sure there was room for improvement, but they did well for the size of their team, when compared to the number of people working for say Apple at the time.

Originally Posted by emufan View Post
@TroyWilkins: whenever you search for kickstart, you always read 1.x / 1.0 / 2.0 / 2.04 and so on, never just "Kickstart 1" / "Kickstart 2"
I'm not sure I understand, do you mean using the search function on my web site, or in general? My understanding is that the search function finds all references to pages and offers them as results, as well as the pages that have titles that fit the search. It's running on Wordpress, and this is my first real experience using Wordpress.

If you mean people referring to Kickstart in particular versions, such as 1.3.1, to keep the page count somewhat manageable, I decided to group together all minor version numbers, so for example all the different Kickstart 2 versions (2.04, 2.05, v37.299, v37.300, 37.350, and so forth) will all be on the Kickstart 2.0 page, whereas Kickstart 3.0 (v39.106 etc) and Kickstart 3.1 (v40.x) get separate pages.
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