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Originally Posted by djukon View Post
There is an installation process? This version doesn't appear to have an install to hard drive script. I've simply copied the files via the copy command, and this coming week I would manually configure paths and other environment variables. Is there another way I'm missing?
Sorry, I missed your earlier post after getting the good news from aragon.

As I said, I didn't check the installation process. Actually, I neglected even to check for the existence of an installation process; I just assumed there would be one.

So don't worry; if you haven't found a hard drive installation feature, then I'm sorry if I misled you.

Originally Posted by djukon View Post
All right, prowler, no hurry though. And if you could point to a couple of resources that teach you how to do this kind of work, I'd highly appreciate it, as I might be able to help out next time I or someone else stumbles on a disk image with a similar issue.

I have a number of favourite tools I use for jobs like this, all freely available.

I'll compile a list for you with some links to download them and I'll point to some threads which will give you an idea of the possibilities.
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