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Originally Posted by djukon View Post
Thanks prowler .

This is just one more episode to add to the endless praise given to EAB that I've read so far.

Just copied all files to the hard drive successfully.

prowler, thank you so much for your efforts.
Thanks for your kind words, djukon.

Also, it's good to know that the installation process completed successfully, because I had not checked that.

I have this evening uploaded a WIP2 version of the disk to the Zone for you. Five of the eight damaged files have been fixed and those checksums restored.

You can now repair the yaboing.c, vt100.c, comm2.c, shell.doc and sub.c files on your hard drive by overwriting them with those from this disk.

The main.c, comm1.c and readme.205m files remain damaged, and these will certainly be more difficult to fix, but it will help when I have completed mapping the disk sectors and file chains.
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