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Originally Posted by tero View Post

I guess with legality you mean sharing. I'm wondering: is it possible to load the kick.rom from outside the kernal image? for the workbench something like ClassicWB would be usable. Something where you need to provide the copyrighted files youself.
Yes, it's not legal in any way, even those who bought it when it was released. It's slightly less illegal for those buyers, but a lot is still not licensed (Kickstart absolutely, AmigaOS I'm not sure).

Bernie has stated that he doesn't mind his contributions being shared but pointed out that P96, Amiga Inc., Harold (VMC), etc.. all have contributions to Amithlon that need to either be opened or paid in licensing.

So it'd be nice to work out a way to make Amithlon "updated" and as legal as possible, removing licensed code with re-written pieces, requiring the user to use their own kickstart, AmigaOS 3.9 CD, etc... A "new" Amithlon so to speak, same functional aspect (boot on x86, minimal emulation, direct OS to hardware I/O, etc..).
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