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Mark, thanks for your reply - but I'm sure as a normal user I can't follow you...

> Make sure your system's VBR points to 32-bit fast RAM

With something like this?

> Make sure the system stack pointer (SSP) points to 32-bit fast RAM

Can you be more specific how to do that?
Not sure where to begin here:

> Make sure Kickstart is in 32-bit fast RAM

Would this here be the right place to start looking how to do that?

> Make sure the CPU data cache is enabled (it should already be)

Again not sure where to begin:
(maybe a more specific hint could help...)

> You could also try to find a cheap used Zorro II serial card. At least a few years ago
> they were relatively easy to find, due partly perhaps to people no longer needed them
> once they had broadband internet access.

Thanks for the suggestion - just a bit overkill to just backup my disks
(didn't think I'm going to dig so deep into this...)

> By the way, what make of CPU card do you have?

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