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I tryed this one:
After installation (Installer didnt work on WB2.x, so I had to install it manually) in Prefs I had another (same) "Serial"-Icon with which it was possible to change settings to 115200 (once you set that one to 115200, and go to the standard "Serial"-Icon, it shows the minimum setting). So not sure if "SerialPrefs292" just "overrides" the standard settings and which one is valid finally?

Also once you have that tool installed, you still need to configure AExplorer with Parameters to run with higher speed than 19200. When you start AExplorer without parameters, it displays quick information that speed is (by default) 19200bps.

The params on Amigaside are something like "AExplorer Connection Serial Serbaud 115200". To be able to use it, you need to configure it first with the param SERDEVICE, but above package doesnt contain a *.device file...

@zipper & jbenam:
Did you ever configured yourself AExplorer on Amiga side with params to run higher than 19200?
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