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Added SegTracker to FS-UAE's Debugger

I use FS-UAE mainly for testing and debugging own Amiga code. I really like to do this directly with the built-in debugger of FS-UAE, but it was lacking some features that support executable analysis inside Amiga OS. That's why I added Enforcer's SegTracker and FindHit features directly into the debugger...

Now you can list the loaded segments and even attach debug info from the symbol and debug/line hunk sections of an executable to inspect your code.

The code of the extended FS-UAE is available in my public devel branch on fs-uae-gles GitHub Repo. Just clone the repo and build an extended FS-UAE. I tested the code on OS X and Linux. Windows was not tested and might need some polishing first...

Detailed instructions and examples on the usage of the new features can be found on my blog.

I know that such a feature is only useful for a very limited number of users, but I thought I'll give you the pointer, in case someone wants to play with it And if more users like this extension then a merge of the patch into main line FS-UAE or even WinUAE could make sense...
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