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So "C:dismount DH0_BK:" in the startup-sequence, and the partition, and the icons go away, and when i want to update it, just comment it out ( ; infront should work, yes?) and it's there, and if the system partition fails (DH0) i just use the early boot menu, select DH0_BK for boot, and hey, we are back. I think thats how it's supposed to work. Great. Thanks. Still haven't gotten around to fiddling with the filesystem on my restored partitions, i've been out cruising with a Galaxy-68 all day. The day started out nice and cloudy, low 20c, and quite comfy. As the day went, we got a very light drizzle of water, and after that, much dreaded sunshine. For hours it was an easy 25c, constant, no hiding sunshine, and the others in the car were drinking beer to avoid going nuts in the sunshine... I was driving, so no beer for me. Now i sit here, glowing pink in the dark, and don't really want to go to bed, coz everything that touch my back feels like sand paper...

Oh, and people drinking beer to avoid going nuts from the sun is apparently a bad idea. Early evening they started stripping down, claiming to have "spilled" and needing to get out of the wet clothes. Shortly after there was mooning, and helicopters everywhere, and i'm not talking about the satellite, nor the aircraft. Only positive thing, the cops was nowhere to be seen, so atleast i got to floor it, make some smoke, and loud noises every now and then. All in all, my day sucked, badly. Hope yours was better. I'm heading of for a cold shower again, and then i'll try to get some sleep, sitting, facing the wrong way on a kitchen chair.

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