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The Maplin kit is certainly a very good purchase at the moment and would be great to get you started.

As the bits might be difficult to get, you could find yourself with a useless soldering iron in a relatively short time. However, you can extend the life of the bit by keeping the sponge incorporated in the stand wet at all times when you are using it and keeping the bit freshly tinned (i.e. wetted with solder) and wiping it on the sponge to prevent oxide build up.

It's not temperature-controlled from what I can see, and a 40W iron might struggle to remove a battery from an area of the board with a large ground plane (65W would accomplish this more comfortably).

For the money, you can't go wrong. I would purchase it and get some practise removing the components from an old circuit board or two and then resoldering them until you get the knack. (Mastering the desoldering pump will be quite difficult. It's very easy to break tracks and remove pads because of the whiplash - try it, you'll see what I mean.)

Following this, you might find you're good enough to attempt some real job on your Amiga.

When the iron eventually packs up, get yourself a better one - a 65W temp. controlled one for example.

Good luck.

PS. Don't worry about lead-free solder. Any multi-cored solder, such as that supplied with this iron, will be fine.
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