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Which soldering tools?

I need a soldering iron to do some pretty simple jobs on various equipment like:

  • reflow cracked joints
  • simple repairs e.g. where a wire has come away from its solder point
  • battery replace in A500+
  • replace caps in amigas and other equipment etc
So as you can see, really simple jobs.
I'm thinking i only need a cheap iron - something like this:
Or maybe this as it comes with a few extras:

As you can see I dont want to spend a lot - will either of these do for my simple jobs or are they completely useless and is it just a false economy to buy cheap tools like these?
Do I need a selection of tips? should i worry about the wattage? should i use lead free solder? do i need variable temp? I dont know anything about soldering really - I've dome it a few times but only with someone else's tools.
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