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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
I believe it is the distance from the Exit. The formula seems a bit weird and based on a radius system:

- Each horizontal tile has a value of 2. In other words, the 8 tiles around the exit are located at 02 units of distance. The next tiles are at 04 etc...

- Each vertical level adds a value of 1. I have not tested directly but in theory being just above or under the exit should give you a value of 1. You can see the effect for instance in the abandoned depot map by riding the last of the three elevators near the exit. The value in the DTS screen changes in real-time so you can see the value changing each time you hear the elevator move.
I suspected it would have to to with the distance to the exit, thanks for the clarification. Kinda weird and not that useful, I will just put the floor index there (which is equally useless but still better )
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