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Originally Posted by jurassicman View Post

All this PUP/WUP thing seems to me a big mess...

Maybe it's easier to think of it like this, ppc.library is some obsolete version which was replaced by a very different version called powerpc.library. Unfortunately the BlizzardPPC has an obsolete version of ppc.library in ROM which you have to take steps to manually disable. When that's done you should be able to use powerpc.library correctly. Ignore any programs that say PowerUP and get them off your system until powerpc.library is working.

Now if you just want to know if your PowerPC chip is totally hosed you can use this test disk:
PPC Test Disk
Don't use any files from it, just boot it up and let it run.

This is ppc.library based so it doesn't tell you anything about what's working or not with your normal Workbench install.

AFTER powerpc.library (WarpUP) is working correctly with some real programs like Adoom and such then you might contemplate installing the powerup lib emulation you got from Aminet. There aren't very many good PowerUp applications anymore that weren't replaced by a superior WarpUP version.
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