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Originally Posted by TjLaZer View Post
I cannot view some icons I created with OS 3.9. Even on some Glow Icons, I get the big black dot. Even tried Peter K's icon.library and that did not do a thing (can that even be used?) What can I do to ensure I can view the glow icons properly?
Hello TjLaZer, there is no information about your system and the configuration.

Is that on OS 3.1 or OS 3.9?

If it's OS 3.1 then you need to load the icon.library from Libs: as a replacement for the icon.library in the ROM. You can use RemLib from Thomas Rapp at the beginning of your startup-sequence to remove the old library from the resident list:
If EXISTS Libs:icon.library
   RemLib >NIL: icon.library
If it's on OS 3.9 make sure that the ColorIcons and NewIcons are not disabled in Prefs/Workbench.

On both system you can check the version of the installed icon.library from a shell:
Version icon.library
If this is still v40 then you did something wrong.
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