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Originally Posted by White View Post
Good morning, I have reinstalled amiga forever 2016, it does not make me updates and I am not downloading amigasys and amikit, also i can not see your site and even send you an email and report an error,
How can I do??
Did you try

As a policy, all customer purchases can be re-downloaded or updated.

This also applies to older Amiga software from the 1980s and 1990s.

All versions of Amiga Forever and Amiga Explorer since version 1.0 are still supported for auto-updates. Even Amiga Forever 2016 should show some minor updates released in 2017.

Having said that, maybe you are asking in the wrong place. Somebody created this section named "Amiga Forever", but this is not an official support forum (from some replies, it sometimes looks like an anti-support place...)

If there is demand beyond one-on-one and self-serve support, as your post suggests, perhaps Cloanto indeed ought to set up an official forum section. I'll see that the issue is raised.

The symptoms you describe would make me want to check whether an overaggressive antimalware or adblocker app are involved. Here are some tips I posted on the topic.

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