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Originally Posted by mackbw View Post
I've finally gotten my 2000 with GVP accelerator up and running. Unfortunately, I think the accelerator is flakey sometimes, and it was driving me mad thinking that I had an installation error. I'm using an actual tape drive, so the installation process takes a long time. So reinstalling multiple times gets old by the third attempt.
Respectable mission, there must have been some -moments

Originally Posted by mackbw View Post
This time, in the .xinitrc I used xset fp+ /usr/X/lib/fonts/Xol (pointed to the default installation path for X11R4) and that worked just find. So no need to copy the directory.
I am a bit lost on where the files actually are after all the linked directories around the X installation but good to know that there is actually nothing missing, it just needs to be manually set.

Originally Posted by mackbw View Post
For user accounts other than route… I haven't done this myself, but from what I read, to operate X from other accounts, the home directory of those accounts must each have their own copy of XsvgaConfig in them, and as we're using open look, a .xinitrc file would also need to be in the account with the xset fp+… argument and olwsm. Also, in /etc/profiles, there are actually two PATH statements. one for the root account, and one to be used for other accounts.
I was indeed missing the second PATH statement, fixing that and copying the XsvgaConfig from root user fixed and now it works on regular user account, too.

Thanks again!

I added some of these tips to the Amix wiki's article on X11PicassoII so hopefully most of this will be available in one place.
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