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X11R5 and Open Look - the missing font error

Sorry, this won't answer the question in the title if you thought so

Has anybody made any progress on figuring out how to get the Open Look working after installing X11R5? The one that gives out the error about the missing font.

Googling d12lucida.snf reveals nothing, which I think is weird. Why would it be anything special for Amix and not found in any other OpenLook system? Also there seems to be no file with that name on any of the Amix tapes. In fonts.alias file there seems to be some kind of aliasing system related to fonts, could this be just an Amix alias for some font that is there but it's not properly declared?

Also I can't understand why symlinking another font doesn't work (as noth wrote in here).

While I don't have a working image to test this (anyone have a premade disk image to experiment on?), I have been wondering why it doesn't work. As somewhat newbie Unix user, I haven't made any progress on this, but I came across couple of links that I hope somebody else could find useful:


A nice, unpublished OpenLook user's guide from 1993:
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