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How to pass filenames with spaces to CRMData?

I'm trying to crunch a datafile with spaces in the name using crmdata in a CLI window but have stumbled into a problem that either crmdata or AmigaDOS can't handle. I know I can rename the file then rename it back but I have a few files to crunch and would rather it work with spaces intact in the filename. I also have a menu command in DiskMaster setup so I can tag numerous files and crmdata will crunch the lot, provided there are no spaces in any device name or filename, which is why I want to find out how to crunch files with spaces in the name.

An example: If I issue the command: crmdata -2c "filename with spaces" then crmdata spits out the response: Could not open '"filename'! so it appears to ignore the double quotes around the file and tries to process the filename 'as is' meaning it takes the first double quote " as part of the filename then when it hits the space it throws up an error.

Thumbed through my Workbench 3.0 User's Guide but it doesn't offer any help other than enclose the entire path in double quotes, which I've tried with the same result. Anyone have an idea what's wrong?
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