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Originally Posted by Ultron
This is a payed for program. Lots of people payed to register it. They were being payed to develop it.
No they weren't. Check your license agreement. There is no maintainence in that license. They were paid for what they had developed, bugs and all.

It's not if (Deliplayer is abandoned).
Check again. Someone posted this letter on 15th March 2007:

Originally Posted by Peter Kunath
Hi John

Sorry for the long delay, but I was on vacation after I finished my PhD.

DeliPlayer's development is not stopped, but on hibernation. Both, Florian
and I are quite occupied with our jobs and don't have as much time as before
to development DeliPlayer. Thus, it is unclear when we will be able to
release a new version.
Concering making DeliPlayer open-source: I guess it is quite pointless because
DeliPlayer is a really huge project (it's sources are > 10MB zipped). I doubt
that anybody would take the time to understand the inner workings of DP
(and that's necessary before you can make modifications to the source code).


Pretty funny to find your own message in their bug report section, though
That is a bug. It happens from time to time. It is annoying, you restart deliplayer and get on with it

Almost... . There's apps that do work, why should i use one that works... almost. What's more XMplay is free, and it works, fully. Deliplayer was neither.
Deliplayer turned into a free product after the authors realised that they were not going to be able to make enough money from it for it to be their full time job. Quite rightly too. It was a bummer if like me you had already paid but hey lifes not fair

I'm glad that DP works great for some people out there. For me, and others, it hasn't, and i do find the way they dealt with it pretty unacceptable, but then again in the Amiga business world seems pretty common, that probably explains where the Amiga is today.
If you had sought a refund within a given time period after you paid I am sure that they would have given you one. You didnt. The end.

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