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Originally Posted by Ultron
I was referring to the fact that it completely stopped development.
The developers have something else to do, like lives, and jobs etc.

It's literally abandoned, and has been for years - even though claims otherwise were maintained.
If it is abandoned? Who pays the money for the website? Who keeps the server going and payed for the domain name in October 2006?

The previous version also crashed left and right, the program was never stable
Worked 99% here.

i never understood why they started version 2 when 1 wasn't stable in the least. Needless to say 2 crashes too, seems to actually be the only thing that totally crashes my system, BSOD in WinXP, something that happens with nothing else. Finding myself rebooting, when i'm serving stuff from here, and nothing else crashed my box during months is... disapointing.
Either you've bastardised your windows XP Installation, you've bastardised your Deliplayer installation or your sound card drivers are not WHQL certified.

If you sort all 3 out I guarantee that it will work much better than you claim. I've got multiple systems and run deliplayer on all 3 and almost never have issues.

Then they abandoned the project mid beta.
Their choice.

The bugs never went away and they seemed more interested in new features then debugging.
You've never programmed have you? Finding difficult unpredictable bugs is boring, adding new features is fun

Some people were rightfully angry that they registered the app and never got debugged, understandibly.
Registration was only right at the start. I registered perhaps 2 days after they opened. Registration was cancelled shortly afterwards (6-months?) and the app made freeware. I'm not angry, the amount I paid was next to nothing and it's worked well (albeit with the odd bug) for over 5 years. I certainly got my moneys worth (although I didnt think so at the time they went freeware!)

Someone on their messageboard suggested that Deliplayer should've been a Winamp pluggin, now that was a great idea that never happened.
Winamp is so 1998!
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