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Topic is starting to drift..


If you are going to make Amiga compatible hardware, you need to work with AmigaOS, even if it it causes annoying restrictions. You shouldn't just bypass them with hacks because it is easy and AmigaOS limits annoy you.

If you have custom hardware, you should have also boot ROM that does the initialization. Thats how all other accelerators work, if they need HD controller drivers, add extra RAM etc.

And so on. Lack of proper firmware is IMHO the biggest problem with many "modern" expansions.

Originally Posted by Romanujan View Post
My $0.02. Apollo Core instruction set might be really useful if (when?) the instruction set gets stable and we have applications (datatypes, etc.) utilizing AMMX and (possibly) SSE. But...
But there is not enough developers, there is no compiler support, there is no debugging support. Everything needs to be done before actual support happens. It won't.

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