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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Also all the extra instructions etc are in my opinion pointless that no one is going to use seriously anyway (except for demonstration purposes) and if someone does, it only causes fragmentation.
I understand and agree with your reasoning Toni, and am just replying to the thread in general as I had some thoughts on this after mulling it over for the night.

It really depends. What we are seeing in the Android space, is builds where the java bytecode and any C or whatever, are built for all architectures. From Arm to x64. Then the complete package is deployed. Google's taken care of it, and you just install Eclipse, include your code, write some Android wrapper for your application and then hit generate builds. Then drag the multi-platform apk to their play store.

If Amiga is to move with the times, then the future of Vampire might be to expand the existing development environments to do something similar. Of course, this would require that whatever is developed be in a high level language like C, where a modern Amiga C development SDK can take the high level code and output any and all possible target platforms that haven't strayed too far. And MMX instructions are irrelevant in this case.

I am sure a lot of us follow modern web technologies, you develop in the latest javascript or the typescript dialect and then you can run translators to downgrade your javascript to whatever will run on old Apple devices, old Internet Explorer browsers, however downgraded you want to go. Surely vasm/vlink can generate non-MMX builds by translating the instructions - at some level the developer is targeting accelerated machines over the stock Commodore models, but there are a variety of accelerators out there which might still be able to run the code potentially, other than Vampire.

Anyway, just some thoughts on why Vampire specialisation isn't necessarily a deadend for non-Vampire users. It remains to be seen if it is actually practical, and if it is, whether anyone picks up the ball.
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