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Originally Posted by grond View Post
I take that at least this point of your reasons may be subject to change.
I don't think so. This is not the only problem with Vampire (and other modern non-basic CPU expansions). Also I don't have any interest or use for it whatsoever.

(I am not sure if I should say anything more, this may end in chaos and closed thread.. But here goes..)

It looks like Vampire has same problem that many (nearly all!) modern Amiga expansion have (that needs custom drivers): hardware is brilliant but then the design is force-fed to users and especially to developers without enough knowledge of AmigaOS internals and how hardware interface should work to be Amiga-like, result is weird address space, alien non-Amiga interface and not really compatible if custom drivers don't find the hardware and requiring to "upgrade" existing low level software to stay compatible. And still expect interest from developers when most of low level debugging utilities won't work and there is no way to do any quick testing with emulator first. (because hardware simply is too different than anything else).

Then there is non-technical side: it is sold (It may have been said by clueless fanboys only but no one corrected them. I don't mean EAB only, it is everywhere) to be replacement for EVERYTHING, BEING THE BEST AND ONLY EXPANSION YOU EVER NEED, even for users that only want to have A500 compatible hardware or only want to program for unexpanded A500 or A1200 or if you only use emulator. You still apparently need to buy it!

I don't think I need to remind that any non-constructive reply -> instant end of discussion.
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