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Big grin WHDLoad installation tips

OK lads, a few of you are doing crazy things here, like taking an adf, writing to ff0: then changing whdload install scripts from df0: to ff0: etc... Pure madness - here's why!

1. If the WHDLoad script is a clean one as provided in the developer archives, select ADVANCED as the user option and you will be able to choose ff0: instead of just dfx: for all games which use DIC (the majority of games I would guess).

2. If a game uses disk images and you have an ADF, it is 99% of the time safe to just cancel the script at that point where it wants to image the disk and rename your ADF to Disk.1, Disk.2 etc. Forget transferring to ff0: or df0: etc. The only time this might fail is if the script copies something after the imaging which is NOT recommended anyway. (The other side effect is you have an adf which is 901120 bytes and the game might optimise it a little by slicing off the end if it's just padded with garbage).

Hope that helps!
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