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Maxwell Mouse - graphic artists required ASAP

As the title suggests... I have noticed some talented pixel artists show up on EAB in recent months and as luck would have it, I really could do with a couple of extra pairs of hands for Maxwell.

I already have a couple of people contributing graphics and fine work they are doing too... but it's a big project and everyone has other commitments too, of course, so I'm not able to progress the game as quickly as I'd like.

I'd like to speed things up a little. Would anyone be interested in helping out? If you're not sure what Maxwell is, my development blog should give you the background, and the demo version is out for download and on [ Show youtube player ], too. In a nutshell: it's a Dizzy style platform game with puzzle and adventuring elements where you talk to characters, give them items etc.

The main sprite is finished, as is almost the entire tile set for level one now - but I am urgently in need of objects, non-player characters and enemies to be drawn. We already have a palette set for level one, which may or may not be restrictive for newcomers, but hopefully it won't be too much of an obstacle for what I need - however the other three levels haven't been started yet.

I am after enthusiastic, willing artists to help me out. Experience not strictly required. Your finished graphics will get used in a finished game - this game WILL be finished as the engine is largely done barring a few tweaks; it's a matter of implementing the design and the storyline I have planned out. I am determined to finish and release this game even if it kills me

Please let me know if you are interested, or if you know someone who might be then point them in the direction of this thread.

Thanks all!
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