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Three new releases has been made without announcement here, so here is a combined release annoncement for all three

Changes in FS-UAE 2.1.7dev:
  • Merged updated emulation core from WinUAE 2.5.0beta27.
  • (Launcher) WHDLoad support in combination with online database.
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: it [Speedvicio], pl [grimi].
Changes in FS-UAE 2.1.6dev:
  • Updated bitmap font with additional characters for Portuguese.
  • (Launcher) Fix a bug where missing files stopped the scan process (when
    using the database feature).
  • (Launcher) Fix path expansion when using ADFs from archives.
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: fr [Foul], de [nexusle].
Changes in FS-UAE 2.1.5dev:
  • Use Windows API function to prevent display from going to sleep.
  • Added translations: pt [Treco].
  • (Launcher) Initial online database support.
  • (Launcher) Can download screenshots / covers on demand from server.
  • (Launcher) Added translations: pt [Treco].
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: pl [grimi].
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