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Originally Posted by vroom6sri View Post
That does look pretty bloody nice! How does the emulator perform?
I did spend little bit more time unsuccessfully trying to get Adrenaline to work. Since I am currently running everything off memory card, where I have bunch of PSN and Vita games installed, wonder if something with permissions is causing issues. I ordered couple SD2VITA and once I have those, I will see if setting 'emulation' only card makes any difference. (SD2VITA + 32GB card ~10 bucks - same size vita card is hefty 60+ USD.

As I already have said, I Installed GBA emulator and that runs very nice. I tried Advanced Wars, Metroid Fusion, Mario World 2, Advanced Tetris and GB Tetris. All run very nice.

Installed SNES emulator, tried Metroid and it runs OK, just sound is not as good as I was expecting. Same goes for Genesis and SMS emulators that I have also installed.

Retroarch seems to run all of them far better and has been more up to date. I also tried NES emulation in RetroArch - and that runs as expected - well.

Amiga emulation in UAE4ALL is quite good, with some frequent line disturbance for Lionheart, but it appears to play constant 50 fps and 100%. I played first leveland did not see any issues.Will probably try SuperFrog next to see how fast moving game plays. On screen keyboard works fine and for a second I could not figure out mouse click for intro, until I remembered that it is touchscreen.

So far 2 things are not working for me at all - Vita HomeBrew Browser - it opens, but will crash as soon as I click download, and Adrenaline - and I was really looking to get this one working.

I did not test any plugins yet. I am not sure how do you added cheats into PSN / Vita games, will probably look into that during week.
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