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Voltage potential differences between grounds can be thousands of volts, however the impedance is usually quite high so while it may shock you, it is usually not dangerous as a high impedance means the current will be very small. Is your DVD player connected to a large antenna/cable network (could be indirectly through a TV)? I often gets shocked when I touch the shield on those if it is not connected to my local ground somehow. If your equipment is not grounded, it could also be the mains filter in a switch-mode PSU which will put half your mains voltage on the shield. If you live in a 230V country, your desktop PC will have 115V on the chassis. Again, the impedance is very small so it is not dangerous, just unpleasant if you get zapped. If the PC is connected to ground (3-pin connector), that should take care of any unpleasantness.

My advice - try not to touch the conductive parts of the cable or wear insulating shoes.
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