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Wow . How did I not encounter this thread earlier? That first post was a riveting read. Thanks for sharing!

The thing I share in regards to that period of time in late 1989 is how awesome it was!! I was finally free of the imprisonment of school and got my apprenticeship as a Watchmaker. Oh man I had such a good time with my friends.

At that time I loved Amiga's, since we had one at school since 1986 and my friend had an A500. But for the life of me, and to this day I have no idea why, but I never bothered to save up to get one. I was a massive waster of money because I loved going out with my friends so much. So on one hand, I regret not ever having bought an A500 but, on the other hand, the time I spent with my friends were the best years of my life and I wouldnt have changed anything for the world Nevertheless I still had the luxury on growing up on other peoples Amiga's and wasted many days on some great games including awesome 4 player Lotus 2 sessions.

005AGIMA, looking forward to reading a very detailed description of what you experience when you open that A500 package for the first time! Also please share a video.
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