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To get back to that: In my opinion, the simplest and most convenient way to get a tiny executable is the following:
  • use -fbaserel
  • use library auto opening
  • use an own simple startup code
  • optional switch to the standard startup code if your project grows...

The startup code
#include <proto/exec.h>

extern int main(void);
extern void __initlibraries();
extern void __exitlibraries();

APTR __sp;
register APTR __stkptr __asm("sp");
struct ExecBase * SysBase;

__entrypoint int __startup(void) {
  asm("lea ___a4_init,a4");
  __sp = __stkptr;
  SysBase = (*((struct ExecBase **) 4));
  return main();

static __attribute__((noinline)) void ___exit(int rc __asm("d0")) {
  __stkptr = __sp;
void exit(int rc) {
and the real program:
#include <proto/dos.h>
#include <string.h>

extern void exit(int);

BPTR   Stdout;
int N = 100;

STATIC const ULONG tricky=0x16c04e75; /* move.b d0,(a3)+ ; rts */
VOID myprintf(char *fmt,...) {
  unsigned char buf[256];
  STRPTR *arg = (STRPTR *)(&fmt+1);
  RawDoFmt((STRPTR) fmt, arg, (void (*)())&tricky, buf);
  Write(Stdout, buf, strlen((char *)buf));

void main() {
  Stdout = Output();

  float x = 1.623 * (float) N;
  myprintf("Just a hello world. if you cast x to integer is: %ld\n", (int)x);

CFLAGS=-Os -noixemul -fomit-frame-pointer -fbaserel -msmall-code
LDFLAGS=-nostartfiles  -noixemul -fbaserel
plus specify startup.o as first file to the linker.
m68k-amigaos-gcc -nostartfiles -s -noixemul -fbaserel -o nshello startup.o nshello.o
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