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Had to sign up to post on this but i think it will be well worth it...

I used to go to this religiously with my friends from about 1990 to 1993 when the Amiga was really king there. Funny thing i came looking on the net for stuff about the Memorial Hall Computer Club after a drunken conversation with a friend ended up going onto the subject. I think the first time i went there i took my C64 and had someone make a smart arse remark about it. 10 minutes later i had put Salamander on and the same person though i was using a different machine.

Some great memories....

X Copy

Saving up all my school dinner money through the week to buy the 3.5 inch discs that they used to sell for 50p each.

The as mentioned stripper incident.

A couple of people who always seemed to have the latest console release stuff from Japan. You know the sort of stuff you would drool over in C&VG. I missed one week and a friend from school reckoned someone had bough in a Neo Geo AES.

The first time on of my friends managed to get a copy of some XXX Amiga discs. He was the most popular guy in school for a while after that!!!!

PC owners sitting in the corner

It used to get incredibly busy and i do remember at one point the entire hall was in use which when you consider how big it is is some achievement.

From what i can remember toward the end of i think the people running it were getting issues about the amount of piracy going on there (Ironic considering it was right next to the police station) There was a rumor they had got visited i think it was by FACT or something like that. I do remember getting asked to stop copying stuff and it getting quite hasslely.

I think i took a break for about a year from going and the went back about early 94 possibly and it was on its backside (might be wrong on those dates) Not sure when it actually stopped though.

I was actually surprised theres no Facebook group or anything like that for this,
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