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Originally Posted by mai View Post
Are you kidding?
If not, think about before posting!
Don't shoot me for throwing this out there as it's just an idea I was thinking about when I was working on the ST dats.

Why not make a merged dat?

With WinUAE being far better than any other emulator when it comes to compression support, this idea makes sense for the Amiga files.

For example I have just tried "Merging" all the 1st Division Manager (1992)(Codemasters)[cr NMS] files into 1 7z. The file size is 229 kb as opposed to 3.7 mb for the zips.

Imagine if this was done across all the files, not only would the set look a lot cleaner and easier to use, the difference in file size would be incredible.

It's a lot of work I guess to make a proper merge dat that used the selector in CLRMAME and could scan seperates or merged, but to make one that just groups all the ADFs together would be pretty easy, (merge them all manually then just use dir2dat)
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