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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
most (A) are due to saves done in ADF files, or because people moved the files.....
It really depends. Some are legitmate alternative releases by a scene group who decided to update something after it was first made available.

I do agree with modified dos copies being an issue though. Especially some TOSEC entries having more than 3 alternatives of the same release from a group that may only be a doscopy, bamcopy or files modified or moved around. ADF Workshop can be pretty good at looking at those.

So you can compare one to the other. I have found doesn't always help, as it can be difficult to determine which is the original. This is when I usually mark it as an 'alternative' being unable to determine where it came from (whoever spread it may have also modified it in some way).

Without the original scene source disk image files (usually DMS or WRP). It's not always easy to determine which one was the original release and if the alternatives are legit or just straight modified copies.

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