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A means alternatve. If a so called good version ends up being a bad one the A one is the only option.

I remember that happening on that Chuck Rock A1200 Fix that I had to use an alternative A500 disk 2 rather than the sets own.

Luckily it's only the Disk 1 animation that needed an A1200 fix for the game to run in the first place or else A1200 users would have troubles unless they have the RAM for the WHD version.

I think it's safe to say thats why we have those alt versions so they are not crap if they work. If anything on the AGA fixes they have a bigger success rate for running than the original fixed 2nd disks.

It also would take the TOSEC group too long to test all 10000 or so games for a Disk 2 that works with every Disk 1 in the set and their goal is to catalog all the verious dumps as well so every dump of the disk 1 has to be cataloged anyway so to find a Disk 2 and onwards that works perfectly in sync with every dumped set of the disk 1s could take years with a 10000+ disk set although I guess it is possible if you do it yourself to make a set that way to suit your needs Silver but it would even take you years to trim the fat of the non required versions of the Disk 2's and onwards and then theres the fact that some disk 2 sets won't work with some disk 1 cracks anyway so you may have to have multi disk 2s in a trimmed fat TOSEC set as well although 3 and onwards might work with every set.

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