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I'm getting the new supplimental 2016 one now that it's here as a quick fix to patch 2014-2016.

You know those Superted and Smurfs PD's will they get TOSECed one day so they are back into circulation in the undergrounds although they are not on the sites made for them anymore as it was probably those which done those games in anyway because of the names of the websites used to put them out there being sites with the names Smurfs and Superted in them.

In a more underground TOSEC we won't have such problems with those games I don't think as it's not like a TCP case where it's sold.

I don't think TPC stuff would sell anymore though due to the era we are in the 20 10s so it's just a matter of time before the company makes downloads there eventrully free but for the moment TPC are not allowed in TOSEC in the packs uploaded here anyway due to being sold still from what I understand about that situration but with the Superted and Smurfs it isn't the case on those so I feel they should be added so I can give them a pop when I was too late before on the original non underground uploads. lol.

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