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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Hmm, where do you live (on the dark side of the moon or in the dark winter in Finland?) and how long didn't you update my icon.library? Look at the 1. page of this thread and try out one of the IconDemo floppy images for HAM6 or HAM8 if you have Kickstart 3.0 or 3.1, but not on 3.1.4 or Hyperion 40.72. For OS 3.1.4 it's also possible to use the hm020 or HM020 versions, but you would need a different FBlit.cfg and the DefIcons tool v44+, and no DontShowIBorder.
OK thanks need to test this asap, but I do have 3.1.4 kickstart and I'm currently using P96 native driver. So no FBlit installed or fullpalette either. OS is 3.9 with BB1&2.
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