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I'm talking about my updated OS 3.9 BB2 and not a new clean 3.1.4 installation. My main system was installed in 1993 on my A2000 with a pre-release of OS 3.1 and then over the years updated again and again, but I would never install a new system from scratch for my daily work, only for tests.

I found one problem with the 3.1.4 IPrefs 45.16 so far, which caused my JPEG background picture not to scale to my screen size anymore, so I'm still using IPrefs 45.13.

Btw, I already regret to have MUI 5 installed yesterday, since the installation was a disaster. The installer deleted most of my MUI 3.8 classes and libs and then nothing was working anymore. I had to reinstall many classes again and some settings like the text size for tabs were totally wrong, although it was an update. MUI 5 is really bloatware, several dozens MB on harddisk and too much memory and stack consumption. It's nice that MUI 5 detects when the stack size of a program is too low, but then it always crashes the system when I abort the execution. That's unacceptable. AISS, Hollywood and the new IconEditor are other bloatware programs. Maybe I'm going to remove them all again soon.

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