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UAE Configuration Generator


Happy New Year!

Not sure whether this is the right forum/board to post this, but I've been tinkering with a UAE config file generator. This is mainly to help with UAE emulators and launchers that point to .uae files.

The tool is currently developed using Python 3 and has a graphical frontend. A sample screenshot of it be seen below:

You basically tell it where your .adf/.zip/.hdf files are, your kickstart and WHDLoad file, provide some template/base UAE configurations and it generates the appropriate .uae config.

It also has specific support for the SNES Classic/mini and its 'linked export' mode.

There's a lot more I'd like to do with it, but the basic functionality is almost there. I still need to figure out how to package it up properly (and possibly provided a .exe version) and get it hosted somewhere for distribution, documentation and support.

If anybody is interested in testing/using it initially, then give me a shout.

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