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Well, the reason I'm guessing the algorithms are probably the issue is that I don't think the C compiler will slow down your code so drastically as to make it unusable.

I've said before, I'm not a 3D expert, but reading the thread and the responses you've got from people who are more knowledgeable about 3D on the Amiga, it seems to me you may be overdoing what is needed.

One thing I can offer is some insights, namely a) part of the starglider Atari ST source and ( b) a neat blog from someone who managed to get a fast 3D drawing routine on Atari/Amiga 'back in the day' (https://grenouillebouillie.wordpress...n-of-3d-games/)

Of particular note here are the notes the blog makes about he sped up the calculations.

Edit: another neat find might be this pdf:
Do note it's for the Atari ST and doesn't go into too much depth, but may still be useful.

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