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I installed a joystick tester app and can see that button #13 - #16 are also some of the moves. When I then go into the Launcher and try to map the buttons in the settings, I see that some of those share the button numbers and now the 'left' move also work. So I guess that's a step, now I just have to figure out how to change those in a configuration file or something. I'm not quite sure I understand it all (especially when I can't even find the default config), but I'll will try. Thanks

edit: so it *is* the same problem as the poster on github (link in above post) - it got solved by adding lines to the default config. The file I don't have.
Is there anywhere else I can add those lines or change a file or something?

edit2: Found a link to download the default config. So I'll try and make it work now.

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