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Joystick help


I've been trying to play various Amiga 500 games, mostly Summer and World Games. First with old xbox/ps controllers, which worked fine, but didn't have the right feeling. Then I bought some Speedlink Competition Pro USB joysticks, which I can't get to work at all. My Mac doesn't even seen them.

Now I'm trying to get a Mayflash adapter to work with some of my old Amiga/C64 joysticks. FS-UAE sees the joysticks fine, but it's still not working perfectly. Like the 'down' move is mistaken for a button press. In the settings I can map the moves and buttons, but the left move is not working. A google search led me to a github where someone posted some settings to get the Mayflash to work with fs-uae, from what I can tell due to the same issues I have. But I can't figure out where to put these settings. It says something about a default config in my documents folder, but I don't have that file.
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